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Dhepa Combined Irrigation Structure.

Dhepa Combined Irrigation Structure:

This structure is built on the Dhepa River which flows through Birgonj Upazila of Dinajpur District. It has two part. One is Regulator part and another is Weir part. Regulator is manualy operated and regulates the river water as necessary/required. Weir is ponding the river water at a certain level. It heads up water to the up stream of the river in the lean/dry period so that Farmers can easily boosting water from the river to their lands. As water is ponding up stream of the Structure, the ground water level is increasing. The environment of the surrounding structure very nicely developed when the water is ponding. Regulator gate close down on 1st Novemer every year In the lean/dry period.


The structure is monitored by the Water Management Association (WMA) which formed by several Water Mangement Group (WMG). They take decision when to open or when to close the structure gates.


The Agriculture, Fisheries & Livelyhood is developed tremondously in the adjacent area of the structure. This type of project need to be taken frequently in the northen most district like Dinajpur, Thakurgaon & Panchagarh in small river for keeping environmental balance.